Refers to an escort service, that is more of a comprehensive experience a man finds with girl friend or a special lover, not just regular paid for, short-time sex and out the door. It simulates when a woman is in love with a man, happy to see him and  attentative to special needs. The sexual act is to be in response to her warm feelings and joy of being together in a physical experience, rather than just a payment of Linden dollars. The lady provides love, adoration, support, acceptance, acknowledgement, intruige, fun (like a sexy wife, supportive yet very physical) and instead of providing cold direct sexual services, she will laugh, play, talk, kiss passionately and do things a real sexy girl friend would do with you.


In short the ideal women is... "a lady in the parlor, a cheff in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom".


Throughout history, elite courtesans have provided gentlemen with GFE, "girl friend experience" 


Typically there were two classes of courtesans. The first were a low class of courtesan for peasents.


The second were well educated, wordly, independent women, trained of dance, singing, speach and of course the amourous arts. These ladies were associated with wealthy, powerful upperclass gentlemen who provided a "talent/gratification" in exchange for companionship and sexual favours. High class courtesens were chosen on breeding, social skills, conversation, common sence, companionship as well as their physical attributes and sexual prowess.  Unlike the average prostitute, high class courtesans had an array of services to provide, just like today's GFE ladies. They were expected to be well dressed, beautiful and ready if needed to engage in a variety of topics ranging from art, music, politics and witt, as well as providing a sensuous and deeply passionate bedouir experience to satisfy any man and leave him dizzy for hours.


These high class courtesans have played an important role in upper class society for centuries, as it was customary for couples to lead seperate lives after the birth of children.  GFE ladies have the ability to entertain a man with the flick of a wrist, while making it all very respectable.


Beautiful, clean, neat, fashionable, clever at the card table and games, profficient in arithmatic, language and able to recite poetry. A true cortesan lives respectably. She would not be working on the street or barterring on the corner like a common woman. Her home is deccorated with fresh flowers, rooms scented, beautiful furnishings. She keeps a carriage and four, and looks like a woman of the first rank whilst knowing all the secret ways of keeping a man entertained for the whole evening or overnight, whilst being discrete.


Nothing has changed...Many wives arn't interested in sex, are too busy, or perhaps you are single. However, with GFE, it is the experience itself, not the act. Ladies who provide a "Girl Friend Experience", are friendly and dont rush you. You need to ask yourself, are you seeking just sex or are you seeking "an overall experience" ? The latter is what GFE is all about.


The true girl friend experience. She is able to make you feel like she is your girlfriend/special lover the entire time you are witth her. This is a rare quality that certain providers posses and most cannot achieve.


What makes the session special is you will have wonderful sex,.. but then it is about the time not having sex..... How that time is filled up. If it is awkward, uncomfortable or not pleasurable and relaxing, then it is no good.


Emma's talent is the ability to make you feel like a King and that she cares about being with you, massaging you, stroking, touching you, kissing you, giving you french, full service and enjoys being there with you.


That is what a "Girl Friend Experience" involves.

Sydney Escort